A collection of example NixOS files that be included into configuration.nix on NixOS.
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A Nix configuration for a VM to run Gitea.

It is intended as an example of building a VM that builds Gitea for testing and evaluation purposes. I does not represent a production or secure deployment.

To use this file:

Build with:

$ nix-build '<nixpkgs/nixos>' -A vm --arg configuration ./gitea_vm.nix

Export these variables, adjusting to suit yourself:

$ export QEMU_OPTS="-m 4192 --nographic"
$ export QEMU_NET_OPTS="hostfwd=tcp::18080-:80,hostfwd=tcp::10022-:22"

Launch the VM with:

$ ./result/bin/run-gitea-vm-vm

You should now be able to:


This file describes the Gitea configuration to be deployed. As such it represents a deployment only suitable to testing purposes and should not be used as an example of a production deployment.


This provides an example of a production deployment of Gitea via NixOps.