A collection of example NixOS files that be included into configuration.nix on NixOS.
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# An example of a stub vim configuration for NixOS
with import <nixpkgs> {};
vim_configurable.customize {
name = "vim"; # Specifies the vim binary name.
# Below you can specify what usually goes into `~/.vimrc`
vimrcConfig.customRC = ''
" Preferred global default settings:
set number " Enable line numbers by default
set background=dark " Set the default background to dark or light
set smartindent " Automatically insert extra level of indentation
set tabstop=4 " Default tabstop
set shiftwidth=4 " Default indent spacing
set expandtab " Expand [TABS] to spaces
syntax enable " Enable syntax highlighting
colorscheme solarized " Set the default colour scheme
set t_Co=256 " use 265 colors in vim
set spell spelllang=en_au " Default spell checking language
hi clear SpellBad " Clear any unwanted default settings
hi SpellBad cterm=underline " Set the spell checking highlight style
hi SpellBad ctermbg=NONE " Set the spell checking highlight background
match ErrorMsg '\s\+$' "
let g:airline_powerline_fonts = 1 " Use powerline fonts
let g:airline_theme='solarized' " Set the airline theme
set laststatus=2 " Set up the status line so it's coloured and always on
" Add more settings below
# store your plugins in Vim packages
vimrcConfig.packages.myVimPackage = with pkgs.vimPlugins; {
start = [ # Plugins loaded on launch
airline # Lean & mean status/tabline for vim that's light as air
solarized # Solarized colours for Vim
vim-airline-themes # Collection of themes for airlin
vim-nix # Support for writing Nix expressions in vim
# manually loadable by calling `:packadd $plugin-name`
# opt = [ phpCompletion elm-vim ];
# To automatically load a plugin when opening a filetype, add vimrc lines like:
# autocmd FileType php :packadd phpCompletion