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<div align="center"><a href=""><img src="artwork/logo/logo.svg" alt="Mobile NixOS" title="Mobile NixOS" width="500" height="130" /></a></div>

*Mobile NixOS* is a superset on top of link:[NixOS Linux],
link:[Nixpkgs] and link:[Nix],
aiming to abstract away the differences between _mobile_ devices.

In four words: _“NixOS, on your phone”_.

Read more: <<doc/about.adoc#,About Mobile NixOS>>.
Read more: <<about.adoc#,About Mobile NixOS>>.

⚠️ **Note**: Mobile NixOS is only expected to build succesfully against the **unstable** branch of Nixpkgs.
Mobile NixOS is only expected to build succesfully against the **unstable** branch of Nixpkgs.

== Documentation

 * link:[The Mobile NixOS website] hosts the rendered link:[doc folder] for Mobile NixOS documentation.

As Mobile NixOS is a superset of NixOS Linux, the following documentation applies:

 * link:[NixOS Manual] - how to install, configure, and maintain a purely-functional Linux distribution
 * link:[Nixpkgs Manual] - contributing to Nixpkgs and using programming-language-specific Nix expressions
 * link:[Nix Package Manager Manual] - how to write Nix expressions (programs), and how to use Nix command line tools

== Community

Mobile NixOS development and questions is currently hosted on the
**NixOS on ARM** channel.

 * link:[NixOS on ARM on the NixOS Matrix Space]

The following community resources are also available, for NixOS questions.

 * link:[Nix and NixOS support channel on the NixOS Matrix Space]
 * link:[Discourse Forum]

== Other Project Repositories

 * link:[Nix] - the purely functional package manager
 * link:[Nixpkgs] - the Nix packages collection

== Continuous Integration

Mobile NixOS is continuously built on the link:[organization's Hydra instance].

 * link:[Against the `nixos-unstable` branch of NixOS]
 ** link:[`tested` job]

There is no published artifacts for the time being, but the documentation
should point you towards resources that you can use to get started quicker when
your device is supported.

== Contributing

There are two ways your contributions can reach this project.

 * <<CONTRIBUTING.adoc#,Contributing to Mobile NixOS>>
 * <<contributing.adoc#,Contributing to Mobile NixOS>>
 * link:[Contributing to Nixpkgs or NixOS]

Contributions are always welcome. If it's your first time contributing:
jump in and don't be scared. Mistakes in your first contributions are room for
improvement; it is not in our nature to scold new contributors.

== License

Mobile NixOS is licensed under the link:[MIT License].

As with Nixpkgs, the MIT license does not apply to the packages built,
but only to the files in this repository (expressions, scripts, modules, etc.).

Patches and derivative work are covered by the licenses of their respective