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Craige McWhirter 26dcd3ba69
iohk: added bitwarden
2 days ago
odroid-hc4 ceilidh: added odriod-hc4 support 1 week ago
eeepc701.nix eeepc: Added Unfree 5 months ago
lenovo_x201.nix Added extra kernel modules 2 years ago
linode_vm-encrypted.nix Added support for encrypted Linodes 1 year ago
linode_vm.nix Renamed linode and hardware 2 years ago
purism_librem_15.nix libem15: removed aes_x86_64 AES Cipher Algorithm 4 weeks ago
raspberry_pi_2_model_B.nix nixos: upgrade to 21.05 5 months ago
raspberry_pi_3_model_B.nix nixos: upgrade to 21.05 5 months ago