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MCA Common Nix Code

This is a localised fork of iohk-nix. The canonical source for this fork is mca-nix.

Original README continues below:

This repo contains build code and tools shared between IOHK projects.

  1. Pinned versions of [input-output-hk/nixpkgs](
  2. Scripts for regenerating code with nix-tools.
  3. Some util functions such as source filtering or helpers for [Haskell.nix](
  4. Nix builds of development tools such as HLint, ShellCheck, Stylish Haskell, SHC, cache-s3.
  5. Nix packages and overlay for the [rust-cardano]( projects.

How to use in your project

See [new project skeleton](

When making changes to iohk-nix

Please document any change that might affect project builds in the [ChangeLog](./ For example:

  • Bumping nixpkgs to a different branch.
  • Changing API (renaming attributes, changing function parameters, etc).

Also update the [skeleton]( project if necessary.