This framework provides logging, bench-marking and monitoring.
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In the docs/ directory, enter a nix-shell to have access to the required tools to generate documentation. Then, simply run make. This will produce the IOHK-Monitoring.pdf from the source code.


Logging overview

A summary of logging on a single page.

A single-page description of benchmarking.

Expose of monitoring.


Presentation 2019-04-09

The second presentation with more focus on contravariant Tracer and how the switchboard routes messages to the backends.

Presentation 2019-04-09

Contravariant Functor

Presentation 2018-12-04

This was the first presentation of iohk-monitoring-framework:

Presentation 2018-12-04

Haddock documentation

Haddock automatically generates documentation from source code:

package contra-tracer

package tracer-transformers

UML Diagrams

Diagrams have been edited with BOUML, a light-weight and fast UML editor. License: "free of use", no license.

Overview modules






STM observer



configure output selection

Output selection

configure severity filter

Severity filter

apply severity filter

Application of Severity Filter

Setup procedure

Setup procedure

Backend state machine

Backend state machine

Integration in Cardano.Shell

CardanoShell components

CardanoShell sequence