This framework provides logging, bench-marking and monitoring.
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This framework provides logging, benchmarking and monitoring.


Documentation of the source code and tests in PDF format. Please, download the PDF file and open it in an external viewer. It contains links for easier navigation in the source code. Those links are not active in the online viewer.

Slides of our presentations are available in html format.

And, introductory one-pagers on logging and benchmarking are available in pdf format.

module dependencies

Overview of modules

building and testing

cabal new-build all

cabal new-test all


Some examples are available in the directory examples:

  • simple - run with cabal new-run example-simple
  • complex - run with cabal new-run example-complex

These showcase the usage of this framework in an application. The complex example includes EKGView (http://localhost:12789) and the configuration editor (http://localhost:13789).

Edit runtime configuration


  • cabal new-build all and cabal new-test all
  • ghcid -c "cabal new-repl" watches for file changes and recompiles them immediately