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If you want to submit a bug, please search the existing issues and if an appropriate issue was found, then add a comment with your report there. If nothing already existing found, open a new issue and choose the appropriate issue template. Make sure to label it as :bug:.

!WARNING! do not attach log files or other sensitive information to your bug report.


We maintain all work items in Github issues arranged in milestones. This ensures that everybody can follow the planned development. For visualisation we use ZenHub.

Work items are selected weekly into the Selected column of the kanban board. These are the items that following the grand plan will be worked on during the current week.

Submitting PRs

Pull requests should be opened against master.

a) Please describe the PR in as much detail as would be necessary to understand the code changes, and make sure the description is consistent with the changes introduced.

b) Checklist: this list helps to submit a high-quality PR. Please, read all items, follow them and check them after you have verified the actions have been been taken.

  • compiles (cabal new-clean; cabal new-build)
  • tests run successfully (cabal new-test)
  • documentation added and created (cd docs; nix-shell --run make)
  • link to an issue
  • link to an epic
  • add estimate points
  • add milestone (the same as the linked issue)