This framework provides logging, bench-marking and monitoring.
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# iohk-nix can be overridden for debugging purposes by setting
# NIX_PATH=iohk_nix=/path/to/iohk-nix
iohkNix = import (
let try = builtins.tryEval <iohk_nix>;
in if try.success
then builtins.trace "using host <iohk_nix>" try.value
spec = builtins.fromJSON (builtins.readFile ./nix/iohk-nix-src.json);
in builtins.fetchTarball {
url = "${spec.url}/archive/${spec.rev}.tar.gz";
inherit (spec) sha256;
}) {};
pkgs = iohkNix.pkgs;
lib = pkgs.lib;
in lib // { inherit iohkNix pkgs; inherit (iohkNix) nix-tools; }